Home of Sunbelt business brokers and Franet. We broker people buying and selling small nj business. Directions to Sunbelt business brokers & Fran Net. FAQs about buying selling small business & franchises in NJ. Sunbelt business broker team of professionals. We give seminars on how to buy a franchise or small business in NJ. We give seminars on how to buy a franchise or small business in NJ.
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How we help you buy a New Jersey Franchise.
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Buying a small, independent business in nj. Let Sunbelt business brokers help you.

New Jersey’s # 1 Firm
Many say that we’re the best business brokerage firm in New Jersey. Professionals, sellers and buyers who know us are our biggest source of new business. We have valued and successfully sold hundreds of businesses.

We have spent years developing effective systems to sell businesses.

Our training, mentoring and peer review systems serve our clients with accurate and up-to-date information and well-considered opinions of value. Because of these systems, our clients understand the value of their businesses in the current marketplace.

Our clients know that we will protect their confidentiality. We have procedures to camouflage the identity of businesses we sell and guard proprietary information.

Our clients receive the benefits of a coordinated and on-going campaign to sell businesses. Our never-ending campaign for multiple clients compounds the effectiveness of our campaign for each client.

Screening & Qualifying
Screening and qualifying buyer prospects is part of our buyer registration system.
Our clients are protected from needless disclosures. Our client’s time is not wasted.

Negotiating & Closing
Our clients get a team player. We are clear about our role as brokers – part of a Professional team working for the seller – to achieve the goal of a profitable sale for our seller clients.

We work together as a team to Represent our seller clients.

Exclusive Representation
We represent seller clients only. We are not buyer brokers. Our exclusive representation of sellers allows us to give the best services to sellers without the potential of confusion or conflicts.

We know New Jersey, its economy and its businesses.

We are grounded in the real world of business ownership. Our brokers combine their experiences in business valuation, business brokerage, business ownership, law, accounting and sales.

You can’t miss us if you’re looking for a business in New Jersey! You can find us – and so can prospective buyers!

Track Record
We’ve built a reputation successfully selling hundreds of businesses and our marketing materials are the best.

A Helpful Website
We get compliments every day about our website. You be the judge. Check us out at:
or www.Sunbeltmergers.com

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Sunbelt can help you sell your small NJ business.
How Sunbelt sells small businesses in NJ.
Testimonials from our customers who have bought or sold NJ businesses.
Business that are for sale in NJ.
Forms to help you buy/sell small nj business.

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