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Selling a small business in nj can be a mind boggling maze, let Sunbelt business brokers help guide you through.
Selling a New Jersey small business? Sunbelt can help.

Selling Your NJ Business

Ten Step Process to Selling a Business

Why Choose Sunbelt To Sell Your Bussines

When Selling a Small Business or
Selling a Mid-Sized Business in New Jersey
It’s Important to Work with Experts


You’ve put your blood, sweat and tears into buildingSteps to consider when selling your NJ business. your business and now it’s time to sell.  Selling a small business requires a lot of planning and forethought.  You don’t just put up a “For Sale” sign and expect a buyer will materialize and immediately make you an offer.  Significant planning is involved from getting your financials in order and figuring out what your business is worth to evaluating the selling market and determining your tax liabilities.  For more information on selling a small business or selling a mid-sized business in NJ, please refer to our articles and resources.


It’s important to work with someone who knows and is familiar with the intricate process of selling a small or mid-sized business.  You will need advice about your business accounting, financing, and legal status.  Above all, you will need to work with someone who understands the importance of confidentiality.  Sunbelt Business Brokers can walk you through the process that must be taken in selling a small business.  Selling a mid-sized business is no different than selling a small one, it just involves a little more planning.  Here are eight key steps in selling a small or mid-sized business.


  1. Determine a realistic price range.
  2. Understand the tax consequences. 
  3. Make sure your accounting is up-to-date and your financials look good. 
  4. Seek potential buyers. 
  5. Negotiate your deal.
  6. Sign a sales agreement.
  7. Plan for the closing.
  8. File paperwork with the IRS.


Still interested in selling a small business?  Contact Sunbelt Business Brokers today for a “No Obligation” consultation.  We’ve successfully brokered over 300 purchase/sale agreements over the years and have the experts on staff to effectively handle your business sale.


How Do I Know at What Price to Sell My Business?


One of the most important aspects of selling a small business or selling a mid-sized business is determining a realistic price range.  If you price your business too high, you will scare buyers away.  If it’s priced too low, you’ll lose out.  Sunbelt Business Brokers is expert at analyzing businesses and we can help you set the initial price range.  We have a Certified Public Accountant on staff as well as individuals with backgrounds in banking and finance.  We take a great amount of effort to analyze your accounting records and marketing plan as well as the operations and staffing of your business.  All the information we gather during this evaluation process is used to determine the best price for your business sale.


Sunbelt Business Brokers is Proficient at
Finding a Buyer for a Business


Once the price is set, the next step is in finding a buyer for a business.  This is the point where confidentiality becomes a key factor in finding the right buyer and making the best deal.  It’s imperative that your business continues to operate smoothly during the selling process.  At Sunbelt Business Brokers, we can market your business without your employees, customers, suppliers or competitors knowing it is for sale. 


In finding a buyer for a business, Sunbelt Business Brokers utilizes a large network of marketing tools.  First, we provide local and national exposure of your business through blind advertising in print media and the World Wide Web.  We also direct-market your business to a long list of buyers who have already registered with us.  Finally, we give your business exposure with the other Sunbelt Business Broker offices that are operating nationwide.  Finding a buyer for a business is a “no-brainer” for us… we do it all the time.


Finding a buyer for a business is a task that should be handled by experts.  Contact Sunbelt Business Brokers today to learn how we can help you market the sale of your business.

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