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The Mission of Sunbelt Business Brokers:
To Confidentially and Professionally Assist Individuals
in the Sale and Purchase of a Business or Franchise.

For the buyer, we want to help you find a business that best suits your interests, skills and financial capability.  When it comes to the owner who has a small business for sale, Sunbelt Business Brokers want to help you complete the sale of your business to the best buyer while also maximizing the value you receive.  When working with a seller and buyer or someone who is interested in purchasing a franchise business for sale, we strive to develop strong client relationships.  The professionals at Sunbelt Business Brokers use objectivity when approaching any business transaction and keep the interests of both the seller and buyer in their proper perspective.  We advise, appraise, and assist the owner of a small business for sale in a professional, confidential, and thorough manner and make sure all the pertinent facts are disclosed.  Our representation is both professional and ethical to insure that all transactions are fair and in the best interest of all parties involved.  Click here to learn more about how Sunbelt Business Brokers help the owners that have a small business for sale.

Security and an Exit Strategy for the Owner
with a Small Business for Sale

The sale of an ongoing business is very Successfully selling your small NJ business is the best exit strategy. confidential for both the seller and the prospective buyer.  That’s why Sunbelt Business Brokers hold all inquires and transactions in the strictest of confidence.  It’s important to work with someone who knows and is familiar with the intricate process of transferring ownership of a small business for sale.  You will need advice about your business accounting, financing, and legal status.  Sunbelt Business Brokers can walk you through the process that must be taken in selling a small business.  We will also help you develop an exit strategy that takes into consideration all your future financial and personal goals. Building your business took time.  It’s equally important not to rush the sale of your business until you have identified a solid exit strategy. 


Are you the owner of a small business for sale or would you like to develop an exit strategy for the future sale of your business?  Contact Sunbelt Business Brokers today for a “No Obligation” consultation.


Franchise Business for Sale? 
Sunbelt Business Brokers in New Jersey Can Help

As a franchise owner, you have put a great deal of time and effort into building your business by establishing local vendors, training employees and serving customers.  When you have a franchise business for sale you want to create the best exit strategy and find the right buyer so you can maximize your return.  It’s difficult to sell a business on your own, and franchise companies are busy selling new franchises and typically offer little assistance to franchisees wishing to sell.  The best place to turn to for your franchise resale is Sunbelt Business Brokers in NJ.  We walk our clients through the entire process from evaluating your business to negotiating and finalizing the deal.  If you have a franchise business for sale, initiate the process today by calling the experts at Sunbelt Business Brokers.


Jack Armstrong, CEO of Franet of NJ and Sunbelt Business Brokers of NJ

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