Bridge Pointe, 214 Bridge Street, Building D, Metuchen, NJ 08840


Professional Carpet Installation, Sales & Service Company



Central New Jersey
Years Established:
6 years
Under Present Owner:
6 years
Gross Sales: (3 yr average)
Cash Flow: (3 yr average)
# of Employees:
3 employees
Asking Price:
Reason for Selling:
Owner is relocating
Property Lease:
Not Applicable






This is a professional carpet installation, sales, binding, repair and cleaning firm. It has been a family-owned and
operated business serving Central New Jersey residential and commercial customers since 2008. The firm’s
success has been primarily due to its emphasis on quality and customer service.


This firm’s goal is simple “To provide customers with the best carpet service available”. 


Its owners offer personalized attention to each customer including the following:

What sets this business apart from others is its personalized attention and commitment to quality.


A savvy buyer will be able to take advantage of this firm’s strong foundation of experience, reputation and quality in
carpet service and apply it to a new expansion mode company.


The ideal buyer will be a larger company/competitor or an individual whose vision includes building upon an already
successful carpet service firm.